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These dumplings are a very traditional, popular dish in Poland. They are delicious when fried in butter, and served hot from the pan. Typical toppings include fried onions and/or bacon.


Thaw dumplings prior to cooking
Stir aggressively after placing dumplings into boiling water
Cook more than one package of dumplings in a single pot
Refreeze kopytka


Cooking Instructions

1. Add a teaspoon of salt to 1 gallon of water, and bring water to a boil
Important: Cook only one package per pot
2. Add dumplings to water and stir very gently
3. Cover pot and bring water back to a boil
4. Once boiling, reduce heat to achieve a light simmer
5. Cook for 3 minutes
6. Remove product from water and drain
7. Transfer cooked dumplings to plate and cover for 1 minute prior to serving

1. Boil product as directed above
2. Pan fry on low heat with a small amount of vegetable oil
3. Continue turning the dumplings until they become golden brown
4. Transfer to plate and serve with preferred topping

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Important Information

Product is not pre-cooked