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Our cheese blintzes have been a customer favorite since their release. Now we have added five new flavors to the line! 

 We begin by making a light batter that is then formed into thin, soft crepes. Each crepe is then rolled with a serving of delectable sweet cheese or cheese blended with fruit or chocolate. During the summer months, serving our blintzes with fresh fruit and whipped cream is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Apple Cinnamon Blintzes
Strawberry nad Cheese Blintzes
Chocolate Hazelnut and Cheese Blintzes
Raspberry and Cheese Blintzes


Thaw blintzes before frying

Heat blintzes in a microwave
Refreeze blintzes


Cooking Instructions

1. If blintzes are frozen, allow them to thaw slowly in a refrigerator
2. Preheat a non-stick (ceramic or Teflon-coated) frying pan, adding a small amount of vegetable oil
3. Fry the blintzes over low to medium heat
4. Regularly flip each blintz
5. When a golden-brown color is achieved on both sides, transfer to a serving plate
6. Serve with your choice of sweet toppings

Common Toppings:

• Sweetened sour cream
• Fruit yogurt
• Whipped cream
• Apple sauce with cinnamon
• Fresh fruits (strawberries, cherries)
• Preferred ice cream

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Important Information

Product is not pre-cooked