Pierogies wholesaler, Chicago, IL. Pierogies in 15 flavors ! Frozen & Fresh Pierogies for wholesale & retail !

Pierogies also spelled as perogies, as many of you might already know, is our main specialty. We offer 15 different flavors. Our priority is to make pierogis of the highest quality made from the freshest ingredients. By keeping old polish recipes, we hope that our delicious flavors will satisfy not only Polish and eastern Europeans, but also the general American public as well. Our flavors include the following:
  • Potato & Cheese Pierogi
  • Potato & Cheddar Cheese Pierogi
  • Potato Pierogi
  • Kraut Pierogi
  • Kraut & Mushroom Pierogi
  • Meat Pierogi
  • Mushroom Pierogi
  • Maultaschen (meat & spinach) Pierogi
  • Cabbage Pierogi
  • Cheese Pierogi
  • Spinach Pierogi
  • Cherry Pierogi
  • Blueberry Pierogi
  • Strawberry Pierogi
  • Plum Pierogi
Based on our years of experience we would like to share with you some storage & cooking tips, which we hope will be helpful when handling and preparing our pierogi :
  • Since they are precooked it is okay to thaw them before cooking
  • Never separate pierogi by hand that are frozen and stuck together
  • DO NOT OVER COOK since overcooking increases the dough thickness ( look on package for exact cooking time)
  • Never pan-fry frozen pierogi; always thaw or boil product first
  • Remember dough needs moisture to get its freshness back, which is why we never recommend using a microwave or oven
  • Determine if you have bought fresh or frozen product. Fresh product you can keep for three days in your refrigerator before cooking. If you don’t have plans to use it within that time, always freeze it right away
  • Fruit-filled pierogi must always be used or frozen the same day !
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Never refreeze pierogi !
  • DO NOT put any warm product into the same freezer where you keep your frozen pierogi as this might cause the pierogi to crack.
We hope you will enjoy the taste of homemade pierogi right from the package without all the hard work. No matter how big is your appetite for the most famous Potato & Cheese Dumplings ( originally "Pierogi Ruskie" ) or other flavors of traditional pierogi we can satisfy your needs.

As an interesting fact we want to note that pierogi are called quite differently from their original spelling. The other variants are : pyrogi, varenyky, pyrohy, perogie, perogies, pierogis, pierogies, pirogi, pyrogy, perogy, perogi, peirogies, pirohi, piroghi, pirogui.

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