About Company

Alexandra Foods Company was founded in 1992 by Polish natives, Mark and Alexandra Dembicki. Upon their arrival in America at just 25 years old, the couple planned on starting their own business in their new home. After saving some money they decided to embark upon their path to the American dream. After 5 years of long hours, and often two jobs to cover expenses, their hard work finally started to pay off. Business started to steadily increase. After just 2 years of successful sales during 1997-1998, the couple realized they had hit a home run. Plans and investments pushed forward and the company continued its excellent growth.

Today Alexandra Foods is one of the few USDA inspected pierogi plants in the United States. Both the owners and employees are proud of their excellent product reviews. Alexandra Foods produces 16 pierogi flavors, as well as a variety of other products including uszka, pyzy, blintzes, finger dumplings, and Silesian dumplings.

Alexandra Foods is a constantly growing company. Owners Mark and Alexandra believe that no matter how big the company gets, maintaining high product quality will always be the top priority. The company will always strive to provide the public with the most delicious pierogi on the market today.

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